problems with soccer

July 12, 2007 8:15pm CST
my 4 year old is in soccer. she does good during practice but then when they start the game she starts whinning and doesn't want to play and just wants to go home. i figured out the problem, right when they would start the game was when her dad would show up to watch. he babies her a lot so that's when she'd start complaining she's tired just so he would be like poor you to her. anyway i told him tonight, either don't come or sit somewhere where she can't see you to watch her. ened up he couldn't come cause of work and she did amazing. she never complained and had a blast. she scored 3 goals. i'm glad i figured out what the problem was and why she didn't want to play, she just wanted to sit on the side and have her dad say poor little thing to her.
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