swallowtail butterflies

lemon swallowtail butterfly - pretty picture, dont you think so? :)
July 13, 2007 1:10am CST
its really a mystery to watch and see how a tiny ugly carterpilar can evolve into a bright and pretty caterpillar. i used to take care of these little creatures in my garden, they do nothing but eat! lol
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• Canada
13 Jul 07
Hi, just saw your posting and I love butterflies! Hi welcome to mylot! Like your topic because butterflies are special to me. My mom passed away two years ago and loved butterflies because she believed they represent our spiritual journey...coming from a closed crystalis state and finally emerging to fly free on gentle wings. Now when I see butterflies in my garden they remind me that my mome is near...and flying around on her spiritual wings. But you are right they do eat a lot...but then think about how much energy it takes to emerge from a caterpiller stage to morphing into a butterfly...rather amazing isn't it!
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
ah yes i love butterflies too :) i remember when i was young the old ones said that the butterflies are the souls of the deceased loved ones who are passing by or visiting your home. i cant help to think its true :P for me it symbolizes rebirth and change :)