do u like any other food??

July 13, 2007 2:38am CST
every one like the food of there own country or own culture like if u are chinese u would love to eat chinese food cuz tht pretty obvious......but wat if we talk abt some other food ......personally i like indian food other than my own country food .....cuz its got so much variety and its just too good...... wat abt u ......???
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@edigital (2709)
• United States
11 Aug 07
I like Indan Dishes, Chinese and Thai as it is almost similar but cooking technique is different. I did not eat other country's food so cannot think how it tastey and is loving by me or not. I eat much Chinese food specially soup, chicket fried rice, vegetables, prone curry, fried chicken, prone with garlic, thai soup, thai fish fry, Indian rice, dal soup, biriany etc.
• United States
16 Jul 07
I am American but my favorite food is Thai, followed by Indian. I also like Italian and Mexican food a lot. There are dishes from many different countries that I like. For instance I like Peirogies, though I havne't tried a whole lot of other Polish dishes.
@suspenseful (40193)
• Canada
13 Jul 07
I love Chinese better than Canadian, but it has to be real Chinese, no adding carrots, corn, and celery as they do here in the "Chinese" restaurants. When I lived in Vancouver, you could get real authentic Chinese or Chinese Cambodian food and you ate with chopsticks. I also love Italian, especially lasagna, but it has to be authentic. I have no been in Italy yet, but I would not mind going.
• Malaysia
13 Jul 07
Honestly i like almost all kind of foods.. Doesn't matter it was from my country or not.. I'm malaysian but I'm not malay.. So my culture somehow eat food which originally found in the jungle... some fruit or leaves which was cooked into some delicous dishes (for me)... Somehow, we cook chicken or fish inside bamboo.. U should try.. It was delicous... :) But i do love food which is out of my culture.. I like indian food.. capati, tosay, chicken curry, fish curry. I love malay food very much, such as nasi lemak, rendang daging, And i do love chinese food. It was simple cooking but somehow it taste delicous. I really love Dim Sum. Spent a lot of money to eat Dim Sum. Really love dism sum base with some seafood such as prawn and crab stick.. mentioning crab stick i love shushi with crab stick. Shushi king is my favourite.. :) And eat almost all kind of foods. Western or eastern.. I eat anything which is eatable.. :)
• China
13 Jul 07
I love Chinease food, the food from Xi'an. Delicious!!Hmm...
• South Korea
13 Jul 07
I LOVE Mexican food. But, Latin culture is so much a part of California that I guess that's kind of cheating. Italian is another one of my favorites though.