Why are people killing each other in the name of terrorism?

Why not avoid diaster  - We should be more human to keep our earth more good
July 13, 2007 2:41am CST
I'm feeling sad everyday i open any news channel, all i could view is hundreds of people die in the name of terrorist attack, violence against religious sects, this that etc etc. Why? What for? what is that they are getting out of it finally? Is is sensible to kill our own group in the name of "whatever we term". Yesterday the top story was a private bus ran over two kids age 8 and 9 who was waiting for their school bus in front of their home was hit and run by this private bus, due to over speeding in the very narrow street, people catch holded the driver set bus to fire and brutally hit the driver and handed over to police. At londong, at pakistan and various other places its our own people who is being killed, Is this we got out of our education from our forefathers and knowledged teachers? what are we trying to set an example for our younger generations to come? Pls share your views to create an awareness to avoid such diasters happening around us by human beings.
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• Pakistan
13 Jul 07
i think the most diffcult thing to do in this world is to change someones thinking...... i knw u are talking abt which terriosm goin on these days.....in our country.....infact i think they are abusing islam......and nothing else.....just by keeping 10 ich long beard and wearing cap u dont become a muslim......u need islamic knowledge and logic....too i am damn sure those ppl dont even know .....the real meaning of tabligue.... these are such kind of topics which can keep goin on and on and on........