Homebased Internet Business, how reliable are they?

July 13, 2007 2:48am CST
Again, the Philippine media is having a hayday because of the Swissfranc fiasco. Another high-end, pyramiding scam to-date. Many have invested, pray to heaven that their hard-earned money would double, triple, as promised by these promoters and now, comes the realization that gone are their financial treasures! gone are their dreams and lost opportunities for a better future. It's a gamble and many are takers. Why? Because we all have the same ambition of a better tomorrow for each of our love ones. So comes our search for a legitimate. real money making business. And with all the many websites catering and promising of a guarantee of a hundred-fold money-pay back scheme, which of these are reliable enough? Can't we have an authority here to monitor these sites for consumer protection?
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