Is there really life after death?

July 13, 2007 3:38am CST
When my mother passed away, I was so obsessed to know if there is really life after death. It is very awkwarerd to ask this question since I was raised in a Christian foundation. I have mental assent on the Bible teachings. And I still beleive in the resurrection of the dead based on the teaching of Jesus Christ but when my mother died, I started questioning the veracity of the teaching. I am not sure if it is because I am losing my faith or is it because I am facing the reality of death. Is there someone really died and came back to life? There are two person I know who died based on the account in the Gospel, one is Lazarus and the other one is Jesus Christ. But both of them are no longer in this earth. What do you think, do we need proof to believe or just keep on believing by faith that there is life after death.
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