Dental Flossing and its benefits

@maean_19 (4659)
July 13, 2007 4:33am CST
A new study suggests that dental flossing regularly could protect you from several illnesses. Three benefits of flossing are: 1. Flossing protects your heart, 2. Flossing protects your arteries, and 3. Flossing likewise protects you from diabetes and its complications. Hence, it makes you look younger. Happy Dental flossing!
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• Saudi Arabia
13 Jul 07
yaaa u are right dental flossing is a good way of keaping healthy but there are other ways too aside from dental flossing like water tharepy regular exercise, medicl chekup etc but now adays keaping healthy and physically fit has becm a majour issue for people all around the world but as we all know an apple a day keaps the dentist away so tc
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• Philippines
13 Jul 07
wow! this is so interesting.. i didn't know that but even if i dont i still floss all the time because its good for our teeth to get ourselves out of cavities..
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