Have you watched 'Frog Jumping' before?

July 13, 2007 5:29am CST
I just found one of the strangest 'sports' that I never knew existed before today! "FROG JUMPING" I was at You Tube, browsing around and found a video called, "Serious Frog Jumpin' in Calaveras County" Let me tell you, there are some SERIOUSLY competitive people shown on that video who are competing to make their frog jump the farthest! Has anyone ever seen this stuff 'Live,' or what? How would you pick a good frog? How would you 'train' for the event? How would you know if your frog is ready to be a jumping specimen on 'jump day'? Oh, so many questions! This is another one of those videos that I marked as a favorite in my You Tube account. I stored it in my "Cheer Up or Rainy Day" folder. I'm sure that this one will distract me long enough to laugh the next time I think I'm having a really bad day. Let me know what you think of the video. Just go to YouTube.com and type: Serious Frog Jumpin' in Calaveras County - into the searchbox. Do you think there are a LOT of 'Frog Jumper' enthusiasts around that we just don't know about, or what??
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