manga vs anime

July 13, 2007 9:08am CST
there are a lot of manga series that had a better story line than the anime and there are a lot of anime series that's more elaborated than the manga... like naruto shippuuden for example, the manga has a more simple story line and they elaborate and make the anime more longer. what series do you think has a better manga or a better anime?
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• Columbus, Ohio
14 Jul 07
If there is a manga and an anime version of a series, I always prefer the anime. Maybe I am lazy, but I prefer to watch over reading. Typically, I only read manga when it is it's own thing or the manga continues after where the tv series ends.
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• Philippines
14 Jul 07
lol normally i watch the anime more than i read manga, but when i really cant wait for the next episode i look for the manga version and read then just anticipate on how they're gona animate the next episodes :P
• United States
18 Jul 07
Same thing go fo me cash. i really only watch tha anime, but i might read tha manga if i find tha time.
• China
13 Jul 07
I really think it depends on the anime/manga. Sometimes I really enjoy seeing the manga played out on screen, and other times I'm disappointed by the lack of scenes that were favorites in the manga. Like I said, it really just depends.
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@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
17 Mar 08
I would always prefer manga over the anime since, sometimes, the dubbing is off compared to the character's personality and the story is often altered to accomodate the advisable contents that would be better off for general viewing.than the original contents in the manga. However, reversals occur. Sometimes, the anime goes first and then a manga adaptation follows. I could give Vandread as an example. Then again, we could still see the alterations that can be seen between the two. These are not spoilers so don't worry for those who are intersted in either watching the anime or reading the manga adaptation Compared to the anime series that first appeared, the manga now goes into detail with the main pair's relationship. Character casts are also altered. In the end, I would again say that I prefer manga over anime. Its due to some reasons that manga has more liberty when it comes to content compared to the anime wherein it has inhibitions to accomodate viewers that television stations cater to.
@morsh8888 (635)
• Indonesia
19 Jul 07
Like you said, depends on the story. You can't decide which better : anime or manga ? without know the title. But for me mostly manga better than anime.