during pregnancy how do you feel?

July 13, 2007 2:12pm CST
during my pregnancy, i feel very happy and it change my life, i am so proud and i feel great.
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@itkasp (266)
• Australia
15 Jul 07
When I was pregnant, I felt happy and overwhelmed that I was going to be a mom. I enjoyed the moment so much and looked forward on my baby's birth.
• United States
14 Jul 07
Actually, I was quite unhappy during my pregnancy. I was thrilled at the prospect of having a baby, and that's what got me through it, but for the most part I was nauseous all the time (I'm emetophobic, and it was REALLY hard to cope with that), the heartburn and indigestion were maddening (I was popping Tums left and right!), I swear it felt like I had the flu for months in a row, and toward the end of it I was so tired of my back hurting and sleeping in only one position that I could not wait for the day when they would finally pull the baby out! XD And then, I went through a period of post-partum depression afterwards! Oddly enough, labor was just fine. The woman who administered my epidural was very sweet and knowledgeable, and everyone around me was very supportive. I spent what could have been the most painful and scary part of the labor relatively comfortable (considering what was happening to me physically) and feeling very positive about the whole experience. Now, my daughter is two years old (going on three in August), and I love her and wouldn't have had it any other way. The worst part of it was the nine months of pregnancy itself, and the discomforts I endured then are insignificant compared to the rewards of being a mother now.
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
When I was pregnant, i was very happy too. It is indeed a very life changing event. I find it a miracle how the female body is equipped to carry a baby inside her, nurture the baby inside and be able to give birth to the baby. However, hormones can send mood swings that can be very irritating to those around you but I feel like I was acting normal at that time. I really enjoyed the feeling when the baby is moving inside you and little feet and hands poke on the belly.
@Calais (10898)
• Australia
13 Jul 07
Pregnancy is one of the best times for a women...Enjoy every second of it...I felt happy too and yes it totally changes your life, for the better.