Why are people so quick to accuse?

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July 13, 2007 3:56pm CST
I'm sure everyone knows all about baby Kaleb by now. If you don't, you can google Kaleb Schwabe and read his story. There have been a couple of threads on here about him, and I agree that its a tragic situation. I pray for him every day and send him every ounce of positive healing energy I can! The problem I have is this.... Everyone, and by that I mean thousands of people, if not more, is so quick to convict the child care provider of shaking him. YES the child was in her custody when he started showing symptoms, but it can take up to 2 days for symptoms of SBS to show. If your child is in my care and starts showing symptoms of chicken pox, does that mean he got it from me? No. This woman is 32 years old, has 3 kids of her own, and NO HISTORY OF VIOLENCE at all. She told the mother for two days (hmmm... there's that 2 days again) that the baby was sick. I don't know if she did it or not, but shouldn't we let the courts decide that? Instead, everyone is quick to accuse her without really having anything to go on but the families story. Imagine for a moment that she DIDN'T do it... Imagine what this poor woman's life is like now. Going to the grocery store, the gas station, the post office, must be hell for her. Her kids probably can't have a normal day at school. Her husband is probably constantly defending her... Her whole world has been ripped apart. Now if she did it, sure she deserves it... but if it comes out in the end that she didn't commit this horrible crime, do you think anyone is going to actually apologize? NO, of course not... they are still going to keep believing what they want to believe. Her career as a child care provider is certainly over. This could happen to any one of us who provides child care in our homes. It's really scary to me to see how quick the public is to accuse us. Do you provide child care in your home, and if so, do you ever become afraid of a parent accusing you of something you didn't do?
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@MsTickle (25051)
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12 Sep 07
I think it's human nature friend. I remember well the story of Azaria Chamberlain who was taken by dingoes in the Central Australian Outback. Her mother, Lindy was tried by the media and the public. It was disgraceful. People spoke about her as if they were there at the site and had first hand knowledge of the events surrounding the case. It was horrifying to hear people talk about the mother with such bitterness and hatred. As much as I deplore this sort of thing I even found myself thinking things through and making my own judgement...that's how strong the public execution of this mother's reputation was...one could not escape it. I haven't seen a lot about this story but what I have seen is only what the mother has said. There is no corresponding information from the carer. It will be a difficult case to try when all this (My Space propaganda) has gone on beforehand.
@MsTickle (25051)
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17 Mar 09
Thanks for the big tick. Sorry you only got one response. I think it was an interesting topic to discuss.