Does your doctor ever get offended when you ask questions?

United States
July 13, 2007 10:05pm CST
My daughter's doctor did. We went in because her eyes were leaking mucus real bad and I was concerned. Even his nurse told me over the phone I needed to get her in to see him TODAY, because it sounded like an infection. So, I take her in and he examines her and tells me her nasolacrimal tube isn't opened. Which means that her tear ducts aren't fully formed yet. I ask a few questions like whether the mucus would really be from that, because it would seem to me that it wouldn't be able to pass through. I have taken some medical classes, but not enough to know how the nose works. I originally thought mucus (like when you blow your nose) backed up into your tear duct and leaked out your eye. So it would stand to reason in my mind that if that tube is closed, then it couldn't pass mucus out her eye. So, I asked about it. He got all offended, like I was questioning his diagnosis as a doctor and impingeing his honor or something. I have yet to figure out what all that was about. Maybe he read the confusion on my face for doubt, but I think his tone and manner were uncalled for. Its just weird... Has your doctor ever talked down to you and acted like this?
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