What effort you are putting in order to save earth to benefit human kind??

@Faye88 (1009)
July 14, 2007 1:27am CST
What do you think is the most impoortant things we should do first to save earth. For me the below answer is what I think we should do now from more important to less important:- 1)Plants more trees back on earth to cool down the temperature,stop more land slides and sandstorm ,hold excess water in trees,put more oxygen in the environment and stop more land to turn into deserts and try to turn deserts into green land again little by little . 2)Reduced chemical/air pollution and used more recycled products. If each one of us human kind will to plant one trees and look after it we will definitely turn a desert to green land sections by sections.To acheive this it will take in a lot of effort and it is hard work for it is said easier than done. What do you think we should do in order of important to less important and what other ideas to add in to help save the earth.
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@AmbiePam (85290)
• United States
15 Jul 07
Have you ever been to www.idealbite.com? They give the best tips on how to be more environmental friendly. Not all their tips are useful to me, but the ones that have been useful are excellent. They have saved me money just through the tips they give. If you haven't already, you might want to check it out. : )
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@singlepixel (2743)
14 Jul 07
the # 1 culprit is the burning of fuel - cars. if we can stop using petroleum which is widely in use in every part of our lives, we may call it the first step to 50% recovery for mother earth. planting of trees is ongoing now in many parts of the world in fact- it has been done a long time ago. the only thing that never changed(for the better) but worsened is the use of petroleum. we are so dependent to it we can't do much to switch to other alternative immediately. Save earth, save life!!!!
• Malaysia
14 Jul 07
I agree with you. I don't have a car. The car that I use is my boyfriend's and he uses natural gas. It's much more environmentally friendly. Plus, it's much more cheaper than petrol!
15 Jul 07
thanks mean_queen. by the way, you're lucky to have that type of vehicle in your country...we still don't have them yet. save earth, save life....
@jaimzana (13)
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
Me, in order to lessen pollution and at least help in saving earth, I don't throw my rubbish anywhere. I believe that to achieve a greater purpose, everything starts from smaller sacrifices. Even small stuffs like candy wrappers and torn out tops of shampoos or toothpase should be thrown in the right direction. Even if it means that my bag would be full of food wrappers from eating in the bus or something, i would temporarily keep it in there and throw it in its place when I get the time to remember. That's the least I could do.