healing relationships

@mrddln (458)
July 14, 2007 2:10am CST
all of life is relating. With enlightened awareness abnd the purifying light-free energy one can move into relationships as a being og light, rather than as a mere mortal. As we purify our intapersonal realtionship lines, we find increasing harmony and rewards in all inner and outer relationships. This topic includes a meditation technique for working on healing relationships. life is relating One of the fundamental aspects of human beings is that we have in our natures the seeds of every life from earth. Our physical bodies are made from the same stuff as the sea, the land the air and the fire of life on this planet. We are life in action. From conception as one-celled animal, our bodies grow into the magnificient creature we call man or awoman. During the passage through the prenatal process, the form recapitulates the most ancient evolutionary trek theough the most basic creature forms to our present form. here is the physical linkage between us and life around us- our atoms and molecules come from the same source. Relating from the haven within as little children we have a natural tendency to respond to all life directly with a spirit of awe, wonder, curiosity, intimacy, joy and light. Only as ye become like achild can ye enter the kingdom of heaven, as it says in the bible. unfortunately, with conditionaing imprints and influences we learn rapidly to forget this natural love, wisdom, and goodwill in relationships and become cut off from our awareness of that spontaneous joy of giving and receiving freely and abundantly from the heaven within. the greatest challenge of healing and enlightening relationships is to remove the barriers to the God-child within us. Then once again, as adults, we can expereice and express from our heaven withinh, inhibited and unburdened by guilt, shame, blame, or condemnation. Actual vs. idealized relationships many people spend thier lives looking for or waiting for a someone with whom to share thier lives. unfortunately, thats usually about as unsuccesful as seeking happiness. happiness comes as a by-product of fulfilling a need. if you seek happiness, you will seldom find it, because seekinf it drives it away. the same true with finding a soulmate. it sounds trite, but it is true: when we are ready, he will find us. Once we do connect with someone deeply, the work on ourselves and on relationships continues. One of the grand illusions about relationships is that they ought to be perfect. we all know the fairy tale, idealized imagery in our culture about riding off into the sunset with the perfect, one true love. When one falls in love it seems for awhile that the relationship is perfect. naturally, however, realtionships change and evolve. that is why relationship is never truly finished. Thoughts aret hings Whenever we think of someone, we are engaging in amoment of relating with the person, whether in love or hate, joy or grief, wisdom or fear, ggodwill or anger. Thoughts are things, and thinking of someone puts us directly contact with them in consciousness. Being aware of this interconnectedness through with anyone we think of, we can work in conciousness on problems in communication and in relating . we may not able to change someone else's attitude and behavior, but w can change how we can react to them. In the end, enjoy enhanced awareness of your actual relationships. Problems in relationships are oppurtunities for growth, though sometimes well-disguised. the more you relate to others as a being of light, recognizing the being of light that each one is, the more enlightened and fulfilling your relationships will become.
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