R u different??

July 14, 2007 10:44am CST
how do u think u r different from others.... what makes u that bit special.... and whats so unique about u... ?? ... ever thot like this... ?? it really makes u feel soooo goood...
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• Indonesia
14 Jul 07
Since I was a kid I always know that I'm really2 different if I compare myself with other kids. The one that really makes me know that I'm different is when everybody on my age keep themselves busy with some kid games like scrable, videogames, etc etc. I always getting interested on reading a book and make myself better in front of the mirror
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• India
16 Jul 07
so u wer a lil different from ur childhood stage.. hmm.. so hw did u feel... i mean do u regret that u missed playing those games... or ur happy that u wer different ??