How do I know if my daughter is really pretty?

United States
July 14, 2007 5:56pm CST
Ok, this might sound stupid, because I know she is adorable. But how do I know if she really is prettier than average? To me, she's just a cute little girl, and I don't really consider her better than any other little girl. But everytime we go out anywhere (shopping, get gas, eat, dr's office, etc), someone comments on how cute she is (seriously, EVERYTIME), and a lot of people tell me I should put her in baby pageants or contests. I'm talking people I have never seen before, complete strangers. She's not my first child (I had 3 that were adopted, and 1 that passed away), but she is the first one that I've had so many people comment on. I don't want her growing up thinking she's better than everyone else, but if she really is prettier, I would like to teach her how to use it (and not abuse it). What do you think? And how can I help her not be conceited as she gets older?
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@Gemmygirl1 (2868)
• Australia
15 Jul 07
All babies are cute, just coz she's a cute baby doesn't mean she's going to end up being any prettier than any other kid! I don't like the pageants myself, they're more for the parents to live through their kids (my opinion only though). I guess that's why they're not as important here in Oz as they are there. You also don't want a kid to think they're better than anyone else, or trying to use their looks to get them places, rather than just using their brains like most people do. Looks will only last for so long before they get all wrinkly :) Just let her be a kid, don't treat her any different to any of your other kids & just let her do her own thing, you don't want to be a pushy Mum making your child do things she doesn't wanna do!
@patgalca (17004)
• Orangeville, Ontario
15 Jul 07
Well, I certainly wouldn't put her in any beauty contests. You want her to grow up being a normal child, believing she is like everyone else. If she believes she is special, where some people may think that is a good thing (good for the self-esteem), it could also have its disadvantages if she thinks she is better than everyone else. She could have trouble with future employers and have trouble holding jobs. Just one example. Let her have a normal childhood. We are beautiful in our own ways and you are not going to love her more than your other children, are you? Just love her for who she is and let her decide what she wants to do when she gets older.
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@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
15 Jul 07
it is wise to teach her teach not to abuse her looks. And i have seen Sofie, and she is adorable.Don't let her grow up thinking that she is prettier than her other friend. Teach her that in live heart and brain is more valuable. anyway, I would like to be her aunty..
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
22 Jul 07
I think we all think our kids are pretty- I understand where you are coming from- when my daughter was a baby and a toddler- I had the same thing happen to me- It was ok- but it scared me a little - Oh she is so cute- You should put her in pageants- Well I didn't- and I would not change this- If she chooses to do this on her own- she is 10 and I think extremely pretty-- but so are alot of her friends- then so be it- But I would not do this to my child- Treat her the same way that you treat the other kids- DOnt' favor her-- She shouldn't grow up to be concieted- just because she is cute!