What Is your Special Moment Of Your Wedding Day?

July 14, 2007 6:47pm CST
I still remember that special moment of mine. It happened two and half years ago. We are having a quite big dinner for the wedding and as usual we asked for the service of presenter who was our wedding planner too. Since he wanted something new so he asked us to make wedding vows on a small stage he had provided for us among the guests. Since we couldnt memorize them in a short time so he would stood beside us and read them for us to follow. My man was the first to speak and he did it until it reached mine. I was saying them quite good until I suddenly felt touched by the vows and started to cry. Usually when I cried I couldnt speak but reminding I didnt want to ruin it, I tried and I did it. Guess what, I made part of the guests set tears, espeacially women. This kinda thing never happened in my country and it has been our friends' talking for dew days. Do you have speacial moment of yours. You csan share with me.
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