Do you love going to beach in the morning arround 6:00 Am???

@Coolgeth (1215)
July 14, 2007 8:12pm CST
yeah, I like it very mucj to have chill fresh air..How about you???
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• United States
15 Jul 07
i haven't done it in a long time,but it is nice to have the quiet,when nobody's gotten to the beach yet.
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@dbhattji (2507)
• India
15 Jul 07
Yes I would love to but I don't live by the sea, however we are going to Goa for the vacation and then we get up very early and walk on the seashore.
@Zelmarq (12362)
• Cebu City, Philippines
15 Jul 07
Yes i love going to the beach at this early or earlier. I love to watch the sun come out and its such a nice site from the beach. Its so glorious and you can really appreciate God's creation through it. Its like magic.
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
I really love to go to the beach but my place, my house, and my home, is a bit far, a bit meaning kilometers miles, lol^^, Who the heck person will not love to go the beach, and feel the breeze, collect some sea shells(but I think we shouldn't let the hermit crabs pick up the shells^^), and feel the sand, whoa!!, I love it, but too expensive cause of the transportation thing and the nearest beach is not that very neat, thanks^^, you may invite with free transportation to your place, lol^^thanks...
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@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 07
bahamas - college pictures in the bahamas
hey Coolgeth!I love going to the beach but not too early in the morning.After 8 should be fine.i like it better when it's scorching hot!then i can take a dip in the cold water;)
@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
15 Jul 07
No better time except maybe sunset. Sounds great to me.