living with your mother

July 15, 2007 12:30pm CST
We are contemplating moving in a house with my mother. It would be a duplex so we would both have our separate entrance. Does anybody have those living arrangment? Does it work? What are the plus? What are the minus? My mother doesn't have a lot of money and it is getting hard for her to take care of her house. She is 70 years old and is alone. My lovey is the one taking care of cutting her grass, shoveling in the winter. I am looking for the opinion and experience of other to help us make our decision. Thank you.
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@sid556 (30986)
• United States
15 Jul 07
You have your own space so it seems as though it could work just fine. It all depends on your relationship with your mom. Is she the type that would be constantly at your place and invading your privacy? Do you get along? I would think this would be helpful and much better than putting her in a nursing home.
• Canada
17 Jul 07
thank you for your comment. We get along just fine. She is not the type to invade our privacy.
@kuting (885)
• Philippines
18 Jul 07
here in our country, people are very much family oriented. we would never let our elders live alone if they already are having a hard time keeping house. my grandparents live with my aunts and uncles that are also living in that place. although they have thier own house, our relatives and my parents would check on them from time to time to see if they are doing well and are comfortable. my parents right now are still young and able, but i want to be near them when the time comes that they are older. its like a way of showing how much we care for them as they have also cared for us when we were still young and until they can they still help us.
@mrsbrian (1950)
• United States
15 Jul 07
We lived in a garage over my husbands mothers house for a few years and it was not fun, she resented the fact that she didnt have her little boy all to herself, or if we wanted to go somewhere alone she got mad, than she got demanding and kept makeing list of all the things she wanted done, and the list never ended. We moved 14 hours away and are very happy now , best of luck to you, hope it works out.