The Nanny State

July 15, 2007 2:16pm CST
In the UK, our government, helped largely by the "dumbing down" style our media has adopted, have been treating its people more and more as parents would treat a toddler, using taxes as "punishment". Its latest tactic (if it gets passed by parliament) will be to put a higher level of taxation on "unhealthy" foods. Now I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but adults have the right to choose for themselves what to buy and eat, just as adults have the right to smoke if they choose, without being portrayed as evil anti-social pariahs. If the government want to help people to eat more healthily, perhaps they should subsidise healthier foods for those on lower incomes, or offer tax breaks to companies who stop using unhealthy ingredients in their products. I'm sick to the back teeth of being told how to live my life by the government. Who else thinks they should butt out? The more people accept this sort of treatment, the more they'll become passive and obedient to the government, and the less they'll question and think for themselves. The government are there to REPRESENT us (in theory), not to baby us, and tax us out of existence when we don't live as they think we ought. I've always been of a left-wing persuasion, but I'm beginning to look back on Tory rule with more fondness than I ever believed I would - at least you knew how they were going to swindle you, and at least they kept their noses out of our business!
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@Whisp1976 (488)
• United States
15 Jul 07
I agree with you one hundred percent. Those in authority should not make our life choices for us. Britain is now a Totalitarian regime. I am English too, but I moved to a different country six years ago now. The 1984 type government is one reason I moved. I now live in the US, and things are getting just as bad here.
16 Jul 07
Thanks for your response - yes I agree completely with your point about the 1984 government - it was bad 6 years ago, but nowadays they seem to be positively consulting Orwell's book as a manual for how to run the country. In my opinion, this problem lies mainly with the UK and the US (although France's new President is rather worryingly similar) - luckily the rest of the world seems to be avoiding this totalitarian police-state direction, so there is hope for humanity!
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16 Jul 07
Sounds to me like it's time to have a tea party...
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16 Jul 07
Hmmmm - nowadays they'd arrest everyone - demonstrating is barely legal in the UK nowadays! At the Labour Party conferencea few years ago, an old gentleman in his 70s, who was a Party member, heckled Tony Blair, and was manhandled out of the hall by police, under the prevention of terrorism legislation. Charges were dropped, when the media covered the shameful story. That's the mad political climate here nowadays though!