These sites that pay to complete offers

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July 15, 2007 2:50pm CST
Ok, I am at several of these sites. I have tried to read forums about this and understand how to do them properly. When I sign up at such a site I have some luck when I first start doing surveys then notice the rest I do stay in pending or get denied. I have my cookies enabled and delete cookies after EVERY survey/offer I take. I cant quite figure out, and its getting annoying that after I hit about 10 or 15 dollars the rest dont move. Every site that I sign up for I make a new gmail account and use it there. I know some offers wont let you do the same ones in that family like winning surveys etc.. Was told you could put . anywhere in the email to make it different and do it that way too. I have tried doing that and it doesnt seem to work. Do you have to make a new email for each different offer you complete? That would be crazy and a bunch of different addresses. Trying to explain the best that I can say on the site there are 5 from winning surveys.. for each of those 5 offers I have to use a new email address to get them to complete? For gmail I have done them different before like teddybear@gmail, teddy.bear@gmail, te.ddybear@gmail etc.. It just doesnt seem to help. Can anyone please help or give any advice to me? I hope I have explained this ok. Thanks
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15 Jul 07
The only one of these I've tried that I've felt confident enough to stick with has been Cashcrate, but I've only been with them for two weeks, and will have to wait until the end of August to see whether a check actually arrives (if one doesn't arrive by then, I'll be miffed!). Otherwise, I have the same problem. I've got $19.20 that has cleared (the minimum payout is $10, so I SHOULD get SOMETHING come "payday"), but I've had $4.75 pending for two days now that's been driving me crazy. One thing I have noticed is that the cookie clearing and the using different emails doesn't seem to work for me any better than leaving my cookies alone and just sticking to one email. Some offers simply don't clear, and some take days (I just had one, NPD Surveys I think, clear after five days of waiting! I'd almost given up! And PandaResearch hasn't cleared at all). One pattern I've noticed is that I think this is the second weekend I've been with Cashcrate, and now that I think about it, nothing cleared for me last Saturday and Sunday either. So I might just be imagining things, but offers seem to only clear for me on weekdays (Monday through Friday). Anyway, I no longer clear my cookies after EVERY offer, but I do (just in case, I guess - a sort of superstitious ritual) clear my cookies once every couple of days. If Cashcrate's the one you're using, don't give up hope until you're positive you aren't getting a check, and keep in touch. I'll let you know if my Cashcrate check arrives, and you let us know if any of the other ones you're using pay (and give us your referral links for the ones that do! XD)