pls help!!!!!!!!

July 16, 2007 2:07am CST
i just want to get some advice from you of how will i hide my true identity in my crush..i send him poems anonymously and i didn't put any name or even a pen name..please i don't want him to recognize who was this mysterious girl writing a poem for him..i want to keep it a secret and only i who knows!
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@rsa101 (37933)
• Philippines
16 Jul 07
Be extra careful! Although I cannot guarantee that he will not be able to discover that soon. I would just like to tell you that in the eventuality that he discovers you to be the author of your poems are you ready to face the consequence? Are you ready to tell him that it was you all along? Will you be willing to tell him that you are attracted to him?
• Philippines
16 Jul 07
wow, you sound like you're helplessly in love. I understand how you feel for this guy person but won't get anywhere with your poems and love letters. I think it would be better if you made friends with him at least you get to spend time with him often and really get to know the kind of person he is. Who knows, maybe he really isn't the kind of guy you thought he was. Before you fall really head over heels for him, get to know the guy well first. You can have the choice of letting him know you're his mysterious admirer or you may not let him know at all. What happens next will always depend on the decisions you make now. Good luck.
@Zelmarq (12585)
• Cebu City, Philippines
16 Jul 07
Oh, sounds exciting, stay the same without the pen name, as long as no one knows your secret then you are safe.But the truth will reveal itself but just dont be too obvious about it.
• Indonesia
16 Jul 07
actually i've never done something like this before. but from what i've seen from my friends' experience, soon or later he will know who wrote that poem . My advise is just keep it that way, till he found out. I hope by the time he knows you'll be ready to face the situation that might came in an unpredictable time.