Tanzania and poverty. What do you know about it?

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July 16, 2007 2:16pm CST
I saw a film about Tanzania and the poverty there. It made me very sad. I did notice that many people had really positive attitudes regardless of their financial situation. Do you know about this poverty there?
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@rosie_123 (6118)
16 Jul 07
Yes - the situation there is very sad. One of my best friends is half British/half Tanzanian. He lives in the UK now, but he still has relatives there, and goes back about once a year. His family there are actually some of the wealthy ones (his Father was a British Diplomat and his Mother was from one of the major families there), but I know that most of the people there do not have the chances and the luxuries that he was fortunate enough to have. I have only visited the country once - a long time ago - so I cannot really comment on what it's like now, as I was ataying with some of his relatives, and I know I was "shielded" from some of the worst sights there, but I know it is bad. I kowit is also very beautiful, and the people generally uplifting and positive.
• United States
16 Jul 07
Thank you for your response, my friend! This film I watched was bout the fishing for perch in Lake Victoria, and how the poor people live off of the scraps from the fisheries, like fish heads and tails. They brought these fish scraps to a certain place in a truck and then dumped them out. The people put them on racks made of sticks, in the sun to dry. This one lady was putting out some of the fish, and they were interviewing her, and she was standing barefooted in dirt, fish remains, and maggots, and she was smiling (!) and saying that she was so happy to have a job. Wow, that just put everything into perspective for me and I don't think I will complain about anything ever again!!! WOW!