Whose clothes are these?

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July 16, 2007 5:44pm CST
I moved into my apartment three months ago. It was completely renovated. The walls are new, the phone jacks were not hooked up. I rented it through a realtor. He told me the yard and the basement are not included. the only way to access the yard and the basement are through my apartment. In the apartment was some living room and kitchen furniture. I am not sure where it came from. There is also a washing machine in the yard and an extra oven in the kitchen. I don't know if either of these works. the washing machine does not bother me as it is in the yard. The oven is pretty much in the way. The front door is too narrow to get the oven through so I am going to put it in the yard. The lease does not even specify that this is my apartment. It says the property at this address,nothing else. Also, in the basement are about four boxes of NFL gear in the basement: hoodies, t-shirts and hats, mostly from the local team but not all. I know these are not new because there was a carton of a certain item. I called the landlord to tell him I didn't have a key to the back door and a bunch of maintenance men came to check on everything and fix the lock. I had already bought a new one and the landlord did not ask for a key to it. so the yard may be mine. One of them asked me if I was using the entertainment center. He also said he would come back and get the NFL stuff out of my way. So is the basement mine and really, is the gear mine because I could sell it,
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16 Jul 07
DO you know what I would do? I would sell it and the cash. If you cna access it and no one else seems to be claiming it then I would take ownership. Its not the morally right thing to do but chances are you are not going to get caught.
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