have you ever thought of how do you look lying inside the coffin?

@Bujoyseth (1684)
July 16, 2007 6:33pm CST
we surely all go in only one destination. Death. but have you ever thought of the thing that, if ever you die today, tomorrow or someday in the future, we don't know when.. how will you look lying inside the coffin? hehehe.. it's just a question, don't take this seriously... hehehe...
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@lucky_witch (2707)
• Philippines
19 Jul 07
yes I have imagiune myself inside a coffin a million times...fears and pain rushed in me... Fear about my kids the thought that I will never see them again... the thought that i will hear them crying, but I annot do anything to pacify them... the thought that I will never open my eyes to see them.
@Lakota12 (42600)
• United States
17 Jul 07
Nice and peacefull while family views thenI will be cremated
@roniroxas (10560)
• Philippines
17 Jul 07
oh my this is morbid.... lol. thinking of what you look like. i wish i can look like those popular actress when i lay at the coffin... and i want to wear something sexy lol. oh gosh why am i responding to this discussion just the word coffin drives me crazy.
• Romania
16 Jul 07
wow, never thought about this... i think i will look ok :P, besides i believe in ghosts so i will be one ;)