Long Vacations~!COOL~!!!

July 16, 2007 10:47pm CST
Students have different preference for the lenglth of vacations. Some like a long vacation in a school year while others prefer several short vacations . Actually ,both have their advantages and disadvantages .If I were to make a choice ,I would bot hesitate to choose the former. Long vacations have several advantages.First ,a long vacation enables me to make long trips since traveling is one of my hobbies. I can go as far as to Tibet ,yunan ,and even other countries . Second, often I need to make somoe money during vacations to cover my school expenses.Only long vacations allow me to make enough money.In additionn, work experience is helpful or my future career.Third ,I usually do a lot of reading during long vacations.I can read many the books I had no time to read during the semester, which benefit me quite a lot.Besides , I can visit many of my friends and high school classmates . In brief , I can do a lot of interesting and useful things in a long vacation. As for a short vacation , I can hardly complete any my above-mentioned tasks .What I can do may ve sleeping ,eating and putting on weight . Long vacations , however ,have some disadvantages.The long yearly vacation seems so long that I will probably forget classess after the vacation .Despite the negative point ,I prefer long vacations.
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@stealthy (8188)
• United States
17 Jul 07
It has been a long time since I was in school, but I always liked it. Once I was in college, I usually went to Summer school so there was very little vacation. Like you I like to read but I usually was able to do that while I was in school. In graduate I took no vacation, once classes were out, I was still doing research toward my degrees.
• China
17 Jul 07
Have you thought it's a shame for studying all the time ? If you have other chances ,would you choose the vacation with a long time ^^^