who loves coheed???!

United States
July 17, 2007 12:30am CST
haha after seeing them for the fourth time...i must say i do enjoy them oh so much.
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@Popaural (17)
12 Aug 07
i love them soo much i just need to see them live i cant wait for their new album i think its next month :D:D:D:D
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• Ecuador
12 Dec 08
My friend and I love Coheed so much, we once rented a hotel room in another city and then stood in line in the freezing cold for two hours to see them when they were opening for Linkin Park (who I hate). My husband HATES them because he can't stand Claudio's high voice. I LOVE the uniqueness of his voice. This may be grounds for divorce. ;) Anyway, we missed most of the opening band - some thrash-metal nightmare - thank goodness. Probably more because the London hockey rink where we saw the concert had a horrible echo than because the opening band truly sucked, but still. We were in our seats for about 10 minutes when Coheed started playing - for around an HOUR, which was great. Strangely, they were not affected by the rink's horrible echo. Probably because they are so great. Finally, Linkin Park started up, and after about almost identical sounding soungs, horribly reverberating off the stadium walls, we ran for the souvenir booth. We bought our necessary concert T-shirt (for us and my son) and took off back to the room. I've seen Coheed three times now, and we met Claudio at a graphic novel signing at Silver Snail in Toronto once. By met I mean my friend turned pink and stammered something about how much she enjoys his music. I played it cool, and thanked him for his autograph. I love that he's just some pudgy gamer. Brillance comes in strange packages sometimes.
@abramy (24)
• United States
9 Nov 08
I just got back from Neverender in Chicago. Most amazing experience of my life. I wouldn't trade my week there, or the thousands of dollars I spent on the trip, for anything. Every song they've released on an album as Coheed and Cambria. they played. AMAZING.
@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
22 Apr 08
I haven't heard a whole album but whenever I hear them on the radio (there's only one station here that would play them) I really like it. The dude's voice is cool. They played here a few months ago and I really wanted to go but alas, I'm pov at the moment.