Is leaving your hometown province considered as abandonment?

@sights (23)
July 17, 2007 7:00am CST
If you decide to transfer from your home province to the big city because opportunity, do you consider leaving the home province as a abandonment to family? I grew up in the province and after college graduation, i decided to work in the city.. My folks is getting old in the province. I am confused if I have to stay in the city and work or go back to the province. My problem is that I could not get a job in province. Most of the relatives would think that it is abandonment since according to them, if the your folks are getting old, you should be the one to take care. Should you give up a job and take care of it? should you sacrifice your career to go back and take care of them? How would you handle relatives who get mad because they think that you abandon them? When it's not true? The truth is I fly from province to city to get a job... Is this abandonment? Any Idea?
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