conundrum - What is a conundrum?
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July 17, 2007 9:57am CST
I think I have told you all that my 12 year old and I have always had a little mind game that we play. When he was younger it was much easier to stump him. Now that he is older it is I that is getting stumped so to speak. Here is this weeks question that he posed to me the other night at dinner. He wants to hear an example of a conundrum from me, this was his example: What happens when an unstoppable object hits an unmovable object. Science has proven both exist, so what happens when both objects meet? Now my task is not to answer that question but to come up with a conundrum of my own. This is so much easier said then done. So I am wondering if you all can help me out here and make Mom look smart again.
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@mfpsassy (2827)
• United States
17 Jul 07
Huh? Well which one is stronger or has more mass? Is it a little object colliding with a larger, or the opposite? Generally no matter how you look at it, it equals something getting an ouch. When he tells you, or you figure it out, I wanna know lolol (that way I can ask my kids lol)
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17 Jul 07
Howdy Sassy :))) Our task at hand is not to answer his example but to come up with conundrums of other types... So put on your thinking cap and help me out here LMAO maybe together here in mylot I can save face with my son...I have already been thinking about this for three days.
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@deepakg4 (895)
• India
18 Jul 07
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@kamran12 (5555)
• Pakistan
18 Jul 07
Hello Angelwhispers! Firstly, Let me tell you that this (conundrum) is yet another word added to my vocabulary (how poor my English already is!) so if I go way off the line, excuse me. The question, your son posed is actually easy to answer. These are type of questions which are taken with a set of assumptions and they become invalid or clear or answered just by addressing the assumptions. So, If I were to answer by a conundrum (that is if I really understood the meanings) I would ask, "If GOD is omnipotent than HE can build such a boulder that HE can't lift HIMSELF". This was actually asked by someone to which I replied, as I already said that we just need to tackle the assumptions and the answer comes logically and without problem. You can also ask the ages old question of " what came first Hen or the Egg?" or probably "What gas it will be when any gas is compressed to absolute zero" as in scientifically at absolute zero a gas will be volume less hence theoretically non-existent. As I said that I didn't know the meaning earlier so it's possible that I am replying without any sense or the way it shouldn't be!
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17 Jul 07
you would have to ask that lol. I'll have to think on that one and see if I can come up with one. kids are too darn smart nowadays,lol.
@weemam (13377)
17 Jul 07
I suppose it could go theough the unmovable object and keep going but I can't make a conundrum out of that lol welldone your son , xx