HELP.. how do i set my profile?

@alnilam (969)
United States
July 17, 2007 12:28pm CST
1how do i change my profile picture... 2how do change the profile layout 3can i add colors to my profile?
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@vampoet (825)
• Singapore
17 Jul 07
You know, I have been on mylot for quite sometime now but I have never thought of changing my profile picture or what not. Even the friend requests are ending. As my time is limited once I log in I go straight to the discussions to put in as many discussions as I can. Haha. Currently I am trying to do 10 discussions a day which works out to like what, 3 bucks per month? :p
@alnilam (969)
• United States
17 Jul 07
tottaly got you... well all i want to do is change my pic coz this really irritates me hehehe... but don't you earn more just by responding to disscusions... as i've read you earn by posting new discussions only if they have more than 10 replys