Are you lonely or depressed because of your problem?

July 17, 2007 11:28pm CST
Well today i am feeling depressed again...i don't know what else to do especially in facing my problems. I guess i am still lucky that my problem are just on the financial side but still it drives me nuts and i don't know how to live my life. The banks are haunting me...i'm not a bad person nor do i have's just that things were very hard for me last year and this year. My kids got sick, the youngest got pneumonia while the eldest have asthma. They got hospitalized and my savings were all used up. Me and my husband are both working so we looked for 2 helpers to stay at home and take care of our children. That's an additional expenses and now really i am broke. i failed to pay the credit cards which are now piling up. I am really lonely...there are dues to pay but i don't know where to get the money. it just got depressing everytime i think about this problems but still I know God is hearing my prayers and in due time this will all end. Faith is the only thing i have left and i prayed that i can still hold on to it. i just hope that somebody out there could give me advice on how to pay my debts? help me please. thank you and God bless us all!
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