Why Cartoon Network never plays our Favourite Anime toons.

July 18, 2007 7:37am CST
I think they should have to purchase the real toon licence before playing as a TV Program may be some toons have some adult scenes like Ranma 1/2 they always play toons which small childrens like.
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@cutiedhes (507)
• Philippines
22 Jul 07
I think why cartoon network does only show toons that children like and not an anime show because like what the network is called "CARTOON NETWORK" it is a cartoon show made just for kids. So maybe that's why only cartoons shows that most children like. For me, that's only my opinion because i have never seen an anime in the cartoon network.
• Pakistan
23 Jul 07
Can anybody tell me that is there any other channel available for just animes only so I could buy the channel.
• India
24 Jul 07
hey why don't you try animax they show only animes
@Arkadus (896)
• Canada
12 Aug 07
You're all out of your league, I remember when Toonami aired Voltron. ;p I don't mind too horribly when they take a show already targeted at a young audience and air it on that channel. It's when they take stuff they shouldn't even be touching and cut and edit the living snot out of it so it's appropriate for a young audience. Well that and when they do crazy things like take a show originally targeted at 17-20 some year old guys and target it at 13 year old girls. *cough*cardcaptors*cough* If they're not going to air the product like it's supposed to be they bloody well shouldn't air it. Regardless of whether or not some kid might be watching it unsupervised, it's not the stations fault the kids parent isn't doing there job. Anime channels don't turn my crank all that much since I'm limited to whatever it is that gets dubbed. Unless someone's finally gotten a brain and started airing subs.
• United States
31 Jul 07
Toonami used to be so fricken cool when I was younger. They had Dragon Ball Z, they had Gundam, and they had a few other shoows I cant remember. I think the best thing that ever comes on Toonami now is Naruto and since I hate the English version Naruto I dont even watch that. It is sad how down hill Toonami has gotten. Most the shows that come on during the day I wouldnt even watch if I was 7 or 8. Nowdays cartoons are "child friendly" so no blood, no action, no excitement, and nothing that is not either humor or educational. And the child comedy sux so mostly the shows are educational or just plain stupid. Its sad to see how sheltered we are trying to make our kids now days.
24 Jul 07
cartoon network in the uk is abit crap, i remember when toonami started proper as a channel they made toonami for adults/teenagers showing top anime shows and live action japanese/chinese movies now toonami has changed into CNTOO its all crap stuff and half the dub anime isnt worth watching
• United States
22 Jul 07
Well, then agian Cartoon Network hardly plays any anime. It's Adult Swim that really gets the good stuff.
@emarie (5447)
• United States
21 Jul 07
well. a lot of it is licensing in the US. Also demand of the anime and raitings they could recieve. I'm sure they do test pannels and see which anime would work properly in the right time slot like toonami, adult swim and miguzi sections. Also I know cartoon network does have some pretty hard guidlines as well as the FCC. So things with too much adult content probably won't make air. or at least on CN, but there are some other channels playing Anime. the Sci-Fi channel is now getting an anime block at night and of course if you have the anime channels.