Do you or have you ever gambled with your life ?

@kudeshi (529)
July 18, 2007 8:54am CST
Do you or have you ever gambled with your life ?
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@academic2 (7009)
• Uganda
18 Jul 07
To me, i see everyday life as a gamble! You wake into an entirely new day without being coke sure about what the end of that day will exactly bring to your life-you draw a steady agenda for the day, you can hope you execute it by the end of day according to plan, yet if your horoscope doesnt pull the right strings, you may never see the end of the day alive.Many people live a life without bringing probability into the equation of their lives-they look at life as a straight, definite line along whose continum things keep getting better and better! To others that comes to pass depending on how well they mix their priorities to arrive at that result,to many others, that mix, that gamble produces barren results every time they try-To answer you very directly, life is a real gamble, sometimes we hit the jack pot either by inheritance or by yur ingenuity, some other times you live it empty handed having lost it on all fronts here is when you end up being buried as empty handedly as you came into this very world! That is life kudesh!