What did you dream about last night?

July 18, 2007 9:40am CST
Did you dream? Most of us dont usually remember our dreams especially me I cannot recall my dreams. Would you care to share your dreams to those who can still remember it?
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18 Jul 07
I dream about some strange things but here was last nights. I dreamt that there wasa lizard in my kitchen only bout couple of inches long but it walk to the back door and had grown to the size of a large dog. It went outside and i tried everything to get my dogs inside but it changed colour and looked like 1 of my dogs and it nearly got in the house. It wasnt very scarey looking but something made me not like it. That was it i woke up
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@lani0529 (1726)
• Philippines
18 Jul 07
Hello peterparker!(",) My dream last night was kind of blurry but I'll try to remember it. All I can remember was I kept on running with someone I don't know. That was all I can remember.(",) Hope I'll have a nice dream when I sleep later. Have a great day!(",)
@gr8life (6252)
• Malaysia
18 Jul 07
Hello peterparker, I didn't dream of anything yesterday. But whenever I have a dream, it will be half way. And whenever I woke up, I couldn't even remember it. People say that if you dreamed of something bad, it is better not to tell anybody so that it won't be a reality. I don't know how true it is but as far as I could remember, I never tell anybody about my bad dreams as I couldn't remember them! LOL!
@alnilam (969)
• United States
18 Jul 07
oh my good i had the strangest dreams last night... i was in the faculty lounge of my primary school with at least 20 other people, and we were fighting zombies... i was teamed up with one friend of mine and John Stamos (from full house---?????????) so we were killing them till the morning