Bah, down with adbux...

@darkjack (199)
July 18, 2007 4:32pm CST
Ok, so now I get 0 ads a day, 1 or 2 on those days that I am extremly lucky? Emailed them about this and they replied to get premium and get some referals! Guess what (and I also told them this on the email) I already am Premium and I already invested ALOT on referals both bought and with advertising! So this is what it is down to now? An USA only service, with complete disregard for all the users that already were premium and invested on referals? And most of my referals quit a long time ago because of the lack of ads... Now I really do feel ripped off. Anyone else feel the same? I am glad that I am using some other decent programs that allow me to get that cash back... PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SUGGESTING ME MORE PROGRAMS ON THIS POST! I already have a decent list of programs that do pay off and payout. THIS POST IS NOT TO GET MORE PROGRAMS, it is ONLY to discuss the new adbux system and how "stupid" it is for alot of people (I mean, 0 ads is nuts!)
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