Harry potter - Order of the Phoenix!

July 18, 2007 6:07pm CST
The enthusiasm of looking forward to a movie just because we read the book is overflowing. But when i watched Order of the Phoenix, it ended with an unsatisfied feeling..am I looking for something that it isn't there? Please tell me what you think of the movie..
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@vijigopi (991)
• United States
18 Jul 07
Same feelings here!! Not quite good as it should have been, is it? I don't know why they keep substituting Neville for Dobby. They did that to Goblet of Fire too. And there was quite an exaggeration for Professor Umbridge's rules. And I was really waiting for Harry's interview for the Quibbler and Umbridge's fury over it. And the last scene in the Department of Mysteries(although the setting was quite beautiful), the scene didn't quite fit in with the mood of the hour. I was not even ready for it, and the movie ended quite suddenly. And then the dialogue delivery needs to be supervised.. some of them don't show an emotion while delivering dialogues at all. I don't think the movie would have got much reception if it was released after the book. Probably why they did it earlier. Clever of them though :)