July 18, 2007 11:43pm CST
1. DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR(DBA)- DBA is the person who makes the strategic and policy decisions regarding the data of the enterprize, and the DBA is the person who provides the necessary technical support for implementing these decisions. 2. DATABASE DESIGNERS: Database designer are responsible for identifying the data to be stored in the database and for choosing appropriate structures to represent and these this data. It is the responsibility of database desingers 3.END USER: End user are the people whose job require access to thte databases primarily exists for their use. The various categories of end user are: 4.SYSTEM ANALYSTS AND APPLICATION PROGRAMMERS: System analysts determine the requirements of end users especially naive and parametric end user and develop specifications for canned transcation that meet these requirements. If anybody know more DBMS users more than me then reply??
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20 Jul 07
hi! I'm Homer! I have read your post and i think i could help you or share what i know about DBMS User.I used to work as a software developer from an Australian Based Company here in the Phils and have worked with several software projects during my college as an IT graduate also.With my freelance experience in programming specifically in the field of system development using VB and Visual Studio 2005.So, how may i help you?