why is it so hard to maintain a good family relationship..

July 19, 2007 12:34am CST
when a daddy or a mommy works abroad? nobody wants to have a broken family, but today, it's one of the biggest issues around the globe specially here in the Philippines. With the kind of government and economy we have, Filipinos really look for greener pastures. And since daddies provide bacon on the table, they are the one's leaving the country and families behind. The next thing their poor wives know is that, their husbands already got married to another woman who is happily spending HIS money while you are having a hard time making both ends meet. What's heartbreaking is the disturbing effect of the situation among children. Strong mothers can take all the pain but seeing your kids suffer financially and emotionally...that's a different story. I just can't imagine my kids go through this kind of hardship that is why me and my husband are trying our very best to stay together..loving each other..loving our kids.. I need your opinion regarding this matter. My sister and her family is going through this difficult time. any legal advice or words of encouragement? It will be greatly appreciated.. thank you.
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