How to easily earn money from my lot?

@mrddln (458)
July 19, 2007 8:38pm CST
How ? tell me.
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@elmo1211 (212)
• Philippines
20 Jul 07
i'm just new here. in the last earnings update i only have $0.46 for about 50 posts that i had. i don't know how to easily earn here but i'm learning a lot everytime i log in here. i was told to write in length, do keywords or add tags (at least three) and rate the users positively. i'm still waiting if all this could work out for me. i would know when the earnings update increase some more. goodluck to us!
• Canada
20 Jul 07
I'm new here too and it seems as though you have a pretty good understanding of it. I have made 4 cents(yay!) off around 4 posts. Also what I do is just forget about the earning money part. Just have fun and participate in the discussions
• Columbus, Ohio
20 Jul 07
First you need longer posts to earn anything. 3 word posts will never earn you very much. Try to be as detailed and accurate as you can in your posts. The more you write, and the more others respond, the more you will earn. The easiest way to earn of all is to refer members who make a lot of money for you.
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
20 Jul 07
Its really difficult for me. I am into my 600th posts and I only got 3 dollars. From the looks of it and from other people's post, I think mine is really too little. Honestly, I'm discouraged by the figures. Some people say to post quality post but what is quality post. Seems like nobody and actually describe it. I really wonder what they really mean by quality post.
• United States
20 Jul 07
ok this is how you do it, I've made replies on this subject I will reply again.. When we talk about quaity post,, in order to make any more here you need at least type 4 lines to make 2 cents (I might be wrong) but if you were to type 7 lines you will made 4 sent per a reply. Doing one or two lines at a reply won't make you much. So try and make your replies longer and better with good grammer and you will start making money here.. I really hope this helps you.. Have fun and happy earrings!