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@andralas (641)
United States
October 25, 2006 12:43pm CST
If their was a hurrican coming and at a bus stop you see an old woman about to die your best friend that has saved your life before and the man or woman of your dreams..what would you do you only have room for one
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• India
2 Nov 06
I would get down from the bus and give mt seat to the old lady and my Friend. I would rather die with the man of my dreams than living without him. At least I would have done a good deed by saving the old lady and would have repaid my best friend for saving my life earlier.
@hitchem (42)
• India
2 Nov 06
Tough Call, But i would wiegh the situation and if there was time to save all of them i wud do it , or else just look forward to saving the one who has the most chances of survival from my help.
• Netherlands
1 Nov 06
I would have to pick the best friend. The man of my dreams may be out there, but you never really know they are what you think unless you already know them. The best friend was there for you before, you know this person is down for you. The old lady, while it is sad and would really haunt me, is a stranger and compared to my best friend.... not possible to turn my back on my friend for a stranger.
@im_vjy (1485)
• India
26 Oct 06
my best friend is my GF..........!!!!!