by bus or by your own car?

July 20, 2007 12:08pm CST
working in big city is not a easy thing...high pressure...quickly life many boring things... all of us have to choose by bus/subway or drive your pwn car to go to work...and most of us are boring for by bus...there are too many persons and too crowd,don't expect to have a seat...even for an armest...and especially for that terrible smell... but you know there are aslo some shotcoming for by your own car... first for the safty...second,you know drinvging a car is so tired,and the most important it's not so cheap/easy to use a car...
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@samar12 (991)
• India
20 Jul 07
I always prefer to travel by my own car, be it in a city or if I travel long distance. I think its very convenient to travel in your own car. Soemtimes its relaxing that you take a car or something else. I do get tired sometimes of driving a lot but I always like to go by my own car. Soemtimes I take a public convince if I need to go to a nearby place and if I am free and I am not in a hurry. For long distance traveling also I prefer to take my own car as I can stop anywhere on the way if I like the place or if I need to buy something to eat or dink on the way. Its tiring sometimes but its ok for me as long as I am comfortable in it.
• China
21 Jul 07
Thankd for your comments.You mentioned a good point.That also depents on how the transportation works.For example ,in my living city, there are millions of cars on the road especially in rush hours,drvining a car seems to waste your time ,instead, public transportation is a better choice,such as subway.
@nyumix (1659)
• Belgium
14 Sep 07
If I go together with my husband and kids,we will take a car. But I did sometimes go with bus when I have to go to the city center by myself for my shopping time. Sometimes I bring my kids too, they like to go by bus.
21 Jul 07
If I can walk I will otherwise I would get the bus or my dad to drive me