A Look at Raw at the Bash

United States
July 20, 2007 3:07pm CST
Well, it's that time of the year for The Great American Bash. Some have liked it and some haven't. Well to be fair it really does look interesting but that doesn't mean it will be good. If something looks bad, sometimes it isn't bad. Last PPV was the Night of Champions, more or less a heel night. This time however not all the titles will be on the line. There are 6 championships on the line and plus some other bouts. For now, I will give you some of the preview for the Raw Side of the Bash. WWE Title-John Cena (c) vs. Bobby Lashley This one is pretty much built as Lashley being the uncrowned champion and wants to be World Champion for the 3rd time overall. He's a 2 time ECW World Champion and a former US Champion. John Cena is a 3 time WWE Champion, 3 time US Champion, and a World Tag Team Champion teaming with HBK. This match basically as I'm going to state and you may not agree but John Cena is the heavy favorite to win the match. Why I say that is because he has faced off and beat just about everybody you could possibly name. Lashley has come to Raw to be the WWE Champion and plus make history with it. If he wins, he would be the 1st full-black WWE Champion ever. He probably won't be the last. I would like to see Lashley win because I think Cena will somehow retain because I think they're trying to go back to when Hogan was champion for quite a while. Then again, Lashley could get it since he's been built as the Underdog in the match. WWE IC Title-Umaga (c) vs. Jeff Hardy Jeff is a former 3 time champion and is looking to add his 4th reign as the IC Champ while Umaga is looking to continue his 2nd reign as the champ. With the possibility of Umaga being involved with Jackass (Personally don't like the show but that's another story), I could see him losing it to Jeff and letting him run with the title. I don't think Umaga is going to do much with the title because there really isn't anything I think he could do but who knows. Only time will tell but I'd most likely expect Umaga to retain for some odd reason. WWE Woman's Title-Candice Michelle(c) vs. Melina Candice is the 1st Diva Search Woman to hold the Woman's Title and could very well be among the elite on that. She has come a long way and has worked hard to improve. Melina had just lost the belt so I don't see her getting it right back. It would be rather pointless and be like what was that all about. Candice wins then Melina gets it back to add a 3rd reign as champ. If you're wondering how it would be 3, it's 'cause Melina won and lost the title at a House Show. I'm thinking Candice for the win since she's just starting out as a champion and I think it would be bad for her to lose it like that. Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton-Bullrope Match We all know hasn't been in a ring in sometime. Well, a year to be more precise. This one is probably very obvious but it's going to go with Randy. I just don't see Dusty being able to win on this one. The American Dream is done and his time has long gone. The bout could be interesting but it's obvious Orton will win since he's getting another push. At least that's what I think is going on anyway. Well, expect something on the ECW part of the Bash which once again is just one. Enjoy and you can make your picks on who you think will win. I personally hope to see some title changes and it's the one I want to see change like the WWE, IC, and US Titles mainly. Looking forward to the show?
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