Have You Checked out "MY OPERA" Communities yet?

July 20, 2007 4:10pm CST
Have you gone to MY OPERA - opera.com - and checked out the membership details there yet? I'm impressed - there are groups and blogs and everything there. I've seen a few people supporting Agloco over there and I have to run back there in a few minutes and check out the Community boards/groups some more. I just dashed into my myLot account because I haven't see much in here about Agloco users using My Opera blogs to get the word across about Agloco. The homepage at Opera.com says that Opera reached 900 000 members (members who joined the 'my opera' community). Wow, this is a lot of people! I have used the Opera browser for quite some time, but I never looked into the membership for an awful long time. I'm glad I finally just joined - plus, it's free. The blogs there are very nice, though they don't have a lot of templates. They are really easy to use and look very nice. I'm not going to put my blog link here because I'm going to use it for promotion and, besides, I just started using it, so I don't have much content there yet. Opera and Fox are combining efforts right now, too - I just noticed this today. They're having a THE SIMPSONS movie contest, so this is really cool. I already posted a link at myLot about the contest, so if you're interested, just do a search and get in on the contest. You just have to answer a few questions about the Simpsons and a Random Winner is going to be picked. I hope that a myLot member wins that contest!!
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