referral swap?

United States
July 21, 2007 12:14am CST
Ok here is the deal, I am looking to build referrals in my powermall, this program is a "just build your downline" type program, or so i thought at first, then i started to use the place to make purchases "which you never have to" you can get anyone to join this program even if they dont like doing ptc/ptr type programs, i got 3 guys from work in today just because they use to eat out.. bam thats money for them me an 9 levels of payout.. i know th intro video is pretty cheesy, but once you ge into the meat of the deal it is all very nice... I am looking to either swap referrals "preferably ptc or autosurf or manual surf or anything i can redeem for advertising type programs" p.m. me with any offers also i have three blogs that get a combined 9,000 hits a month "unique or repeat" and 20,000 surfed hits, i could also link your site or program "one i am not promoting" on these sites for your membership in mpm, i am not even asking you to be active, just be there, and once you look at it and see i think you will either be active or actively getting referrals which works out for us all.. check the thing out from the link at thanks pm. me w/ offers
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