Giving rewards to your kids

July 21, 2007 1:42am CST
when will you consider things as rewards and not, in return, a means of spoiling them instead.
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@Gemmygirl1 (2868)
• Australia
22 Jul 07
Of course you should reward your kids, it's nothing like spoiling either. If your child does something good, a reward is the perfect way to let them know how proud you are of their efforts. Also, if a child knows they will be rewarded for the good things they do, you will find they will push themselves to do better all the time - knowing the better they do, the happier you'll be & they get a nice little something for putting in all the hard work. My daughter will be rewarded when she's older, if she does well on a test or something, i will give her a gift to show her that all her hard work has paid off & that i am proud of her. She'll know i'm proud whether she gets a gift or not but reward systems work well with a lot of things - even pets, to teach a pet a trick, you get them to do it & reward their good behaviour or achievment & they associate the trick with a reward. If it works well, stick with it! Spoiling is when a child wants something & you buy it for them just because they want it, a reward is something they have to earn in order to receive it!
• Philippines
24 Jul 07
thanks for enlightening me..sometimes i just got so confuse on certain things that i'm afraid i'd screwed up things.It's just that when your kids are involved you don't want to leave room for mistakes..God Bless and thanks for the advice!
@Nardz13 (5056)
• New Zealand
25 Jul 07
Hey. Things I consider as rewards for my children, are letting them have game time, wether its on xbox or playstation, being aloud to ride there motor bikes, or simply going for a walk to the beach or park with friends... Now I only give these rewards to them if, they have done homework and chores and have been really good through out the week, with listening skills etc... They dont get things for nothing, Our children know they have to earn and respect there reward time... And they do...
@carol_m (709)
• Philippines
21 Jul 07
I have been financially supporting my sisters go through college. So as to encourage them to study harder, I gave them a deal: a dean's list and the latest gadget, or to fail from at most 1 subject and stop schooling. i guess this method is beneficial to both parties.