July 21, 2007 8:46am CST
It's a nightmare.More like a facial pain it comes at almost the same time daily.The pain is horrible,excruciating and nothing that one can imagine.Only high flow oxygen can relieve the pain.There is no known cure.People respond to different medicines.At the peak of my symptoms I was taking anticonvulsants,analgesics and steroids and seemed to be permanently sleepy.
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@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
30 Jul 07
There are two ways to prevent migraine headaches. 1) by avoiding factors ("triggers") that cause the headaches. and 2) by preventing headaches with medications (prophylactic medications). Neither of these preventive strategies is 100% effective. The best one can hope for is to reduce the frequency of headaches.
• Australia
31 Jul 07
kyutstudph,thanks for your response.However I was discussing about cluster headache which is completely different from migraines and not as common.In cluster headache there are no triggering factors or aura of any sort.While migraine sufferers prefer being in a dark quiet place during an attack those with clusters may even bang their heads.Cluster headaches generally occur at the same time each day.They tend to come in clusters,peaking to about 3-4 times daily and disappear over e few weeks to months.They recur after a few years.No one medication is effective in all people.Often it is misdiagnosed as migraine.However 100% oxygen inhaled at the beginning of an attack always gives relief.
5 Aug 07
When I have headaches I take medicines but I once had an experience of pain on my head so i did consulted a doctor. She said it is likely about my eyes. I can't accept it at first but then later on I did
@thefortunes (2368)
• Netherlands
4 Aug 07
I feel for you dear Deepsy as I have it also very often. The only thing I don't do is taking steroids due to the effects it's causing. I wish there will be a miracle cure soon without nasty effects, god bless dear and good luck
• Australia
31 Jul 07
hi..good you mentioned this type of headache..bcoz i know one of my friends been suffering with a similsr kind..and i used to think she is just faking for not doing things shes supposed to do..well, though shes not like that..but ,yes you also mentioned the remedy..100% oxygen..i m gonna try that for her..lets see..you said there r no triggering factors..but are there any social or emotional issues involved?..bcoz my friend was going thro a very bad phase of her life at that time when she was at the peak of getting those attacks..