Strange & Different Road Names

United States
July 21, 2007 8:53am CST
I will give you a list of road names that I have found through my travels on the road and the internet. Some of the names of the roads are a little up in the air if you know what I mean. These names that I am about to give you makes people really wonder where on earth do road names come from. Well here is a list of road names: Beyond Hope Road Weed Road Dilly Road Hum Road No Road Road ( in Arizona ) Stroke Drive Bluett Road Hell for Certain Road ( in Kentucky ) Acoma Road Nixon Road Lois Lane Road Big Beaver Road Jackass Hill Road High Street Low Road Devils Highway Cordova Road Chicken Gristle Road Highway 666 ( in New Mexico ) Muggleswick Road Pity Road Why Road Earth Road Leever Road Climax High Point Road Brown Material Road Geeck Road Lytle Road Hollowway Road Chicken Shack Road Clinton Road Now see what I mean by strange & different road names? Have you ever sen such road names? Now I'm sure that everyone out there has seen some really strange or different road road names. If you have seen some strange or different road names please feel free to share them with me. I really think this would be a good topic to discuss don't you? Now mind you these are just a few that I thought were really out there, so keep looking when you go out on road trips because I'm sure you could find some even more unique road names to pass on. I know when I was much younger and we went on road trips my mother would make a game out of road signs for my 4 brothers and sister to look for, like in alphabetic order or something to keep us out of her hair while she was driving. So maybe when you go on your next family vacation and you need something to occupy the children, just have them look at the road signs and see what you find. Have fun on your travels. Don't forget if you find any road names that are stranger then usual please pass them on I am always interested in new road names. Thanks for reading my blog and passing on something interesting.
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