A 7 yr old teaches me how to use a calculator!

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July 21, 2007 9:32am CST
My cousin from Taiwan is staying with us now, she is cute and all but she asks a lot of questions. And it makes my head hurt having to answer all her questions throughout the day. From barbie dolls to Adam and Eve. We were watching cartoons and she can't understand english but she keeps on explaining to me what was happening in the story and who those characters were, I think she doesn't know I do watch them too sometimes so I know who those characters are. She even borrowed the scientific calculator and the funny thing is that she keeps on teaching me how to use it. Like "look, if you add 8 and 9 then I press this, it will show what the answer is." It was funny and cute but I feel like an idiot around the kid. Do kids really think adults are clueless about these things? The fact that they often ask us questions and all they still think we don't know how to use a calculator? hahahah!
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@sunkissed (4331)
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23 Jul 07
You are so right we as adults can lear alot from children.They tend to grow up very fast now days. I have a granddaughter,she is 9 years old. and she teaches me something evertime I am with her, she knows how to opperate the V.C.R, D.V.D. Player, the computor.They are wizes at video games.And I am at a lose when it comes to the scientific calculator also, but my granddaughter knows all about that too.She draws all the time, and is a very great artist, I am entering her in some art contests right now, also a modeling contest. She just amazes me. And they do ask alot of questions, some I really do not even have the answers for. But they truly are a joy to have around. Enjoy your cousin.
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27 Jul 07
Yes and even things that we don't really think about everyday that they have just learned in school, when they come home and they start teaching you about the parts of the body... It's really a funny feeling.
• India
26 Jul 07
thats quite funny..but do u know something....a simple calculater has many more functions than the 4 basic functions...you can use the combination of buttons for getting many calculation made...this is not a joke..its a fact...only 10% of the whole ppl who use calculator knw these functions....this has been proved in a survey...dont u find this one a little embarassing..!!!!