Would you fuse with someone?

United States
July 21, 2007 11:31am CST
would you fuse with someone if its permant, temporary, or not at all. I mean fuse as in two people become one person. That one person is the hybrid of the two people who fuse. I mean fusion as in for example if you fuse a duck with a beaver you get a platypus. If you were to fuse with someone who would it be?
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
14 Apr 11
There is no waste of time more pleasant than a woman's body. Of a woman with a look, a gesture, a touch, to arouse feelings, to arouse them, just as winter frost and blizzard boundlessness arouse fear in the night. A woman's body to react to caresses, the tender touches to adoption of the fingers, to escape, the neck stretched and sat back a groan of pleasure. Nothing compares to that feeling you have when you know someone born in the desire, passion, madness, complete loss ... There is music more pleasant as shortness of breath of a woman entirely covered in kisses and caresses, the body of the man they gather in their arms frantically, wanting ... wanting it so much that it would be anything near of them is not perfect, but no longer exist, because it makes sense, fusion, becoming one being not be made ??only when two halves, without departing, excluded altogether, near each other - only then, is born whole.
• United States
20 Apr 11
I mean fusion literally not figuratively. I mean two beings are put together and disappear and its place is a hybrid.