Mommy To Be

United States
July 21, 2007 12:06pm CST
I am due in December of 2007, not married, and scared! LOL...This is my first child and I have so many doubts!! I am afraid about my childs health, afraid of giving birth, afraid of the weight gain, everything that goes along with being pregnant and having the baby!!
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@Jessem (372)
• Mauritius
21 Jul 07
I dont know how it feel and will never experience this joy koz im a man but i think you must keep your calm and avoid being nervous. Mnay women has already passed through this phase and you too will overcome it succesfully. You must keep away from ill habit like smoking or drinking during this period koz you know it will be hazardous to the health of your child. Less household chores and more rest is advisable.
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@maximax8 (31169)
• United Kingdom
21 Jul 07
Welcome to My Lot. Good luck in your pregnancy, I hope that it and the birth will go well for you. It is best to eat a healthy diet to help your baby and make sure that you don't gain too much weight. You could have an ultrasound to check on your baby's well being. I suggest reading a good pregnancy magazine to put your mind at rest over the different issues. My son is now 2 months old and he was born this May. The best thing I did in my pregnancy was join a class of expectant mums. The six of us are still friends and have tea at each others houses. I need not have worried about the birth. It lasted about 2 and a half hours and of this I only had strong pain for twenty minutes. I had planned a home birth and got this but not my water birth. It all happened too quickly for that.
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@yueyzhqd (47)
• China
30 Nov 07
Congratulation! don't warry about you child, it will be fine! the only and the most impotant thing is to take cae of yourself! wish you have a nice baby!
@punlonnjack (1309)
• United States
21 Jul 07
Im excited for you. Try not to worry leave everything up to god.Youll get though it fine and the baby will be healthy.I know you are doing everything you can to protect the babies health. Talk to other mothers for comfort and peace of mind. Im sure its a scary thing becuase you havnt went through this before. Its a part of nature and things will work out just fine. If you ever need me Im here for you my friend.